Things change. And friends leave.
And life doesn't stop for anybody.

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Promises never mean anything. Almost every single promise is broken. Thats the thing. Promises can’t be trusted. Sometimes you need to trust yourself, and your own judgement. If someone promises you something and breaks it, it hurts. Whether it be a little hurt or a lot, it always hurts. Promises give you hope, trust, confidence, etc… But what happens when that promise is broken? Where do those feelings go? They don’t. They just turn into other feelings. Sadness, anger, distrust, anxiety, pain, etc. Promises are dangerous. Dont ever trust them..

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today my favourite person in the world turns to 21 and i don’t know what to say that i still haven’t said… to me, she’s the most amazing person in the entire earth and i really love her
thank you for inspiring me, for literally saving me and i wish you the best day of your fucking life
and finally, thank you for making 2/28/2014 the happiest night of my life though i still can’t believe it 
Happy Birthday Taylor Momsen, you mean the world to me. 
#taylormomsen #happybirthdaytaylor